The Kammer Family // Adelaide Family Photographer

There is so much I could say about these people… but it still wouldn’t quite explain how special this little family is to me. Lydia is also a photographer, and an excellent one at that. I love her heart and soul and I’ve been so blessed to grow a friendship with her beautiful self over the past couple of years. She has been an incredible support to me and I love that we’re such kindred spirits.

So, one weekend where they were yet again allowing me to crash in their spare room while shooting a wedding (living in the country has that effect sometimes 😉 ), we went for a walk and captured some beautiful memories of these special two and their three cheeky little monkeys (and let’s not forget Cosmo).

Meet Lydia, Andrej, + their little tribe of all too soon to be men. xx

Kammer Family_081 Kammer Family_007 Kammer Family_008 Kammer Family_011 Kammer Family_018 Kammer Family_015 Kammer Family_016 Kammer Family_010 Kammer Family_003 Kammer Family_040 Kammer Family_041 Kammer Family_020 Kammer Family_023 Kammer Family_036 Kammer Family_033 Kammer Family_045 Kammer Family_051 Kammer Family_054 Kammer Family_053 Kammer Family_055 Kammer Family_047 Kammer Family_046 Kammer Family_059 Kammer Family_065 Kammer Family_082 Kammer Family_078 Kammer Family_079 Kammer Family_090 Kammer Family_094 Kammer Family_098 Kammer Family_099 Kammer Family_101 Kammer Family_103 Kammer Family_108 Kammer Family_114 Kammer Family_116 Kammer Family_119
Kammer Family_121 Kammer Family_125 Kammer Family_133 Kammer Family_138 Kammer Family_145 Kammer Family_140 Kammer Family_142 Kammer Family_143 Kammer Family_144

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